Responsible Fatherhood: Forging Family and Lasting Change in Baltimore

The U.S Census Bureau reports that one of every three children live in fatherless homes. These numbers are shocking and heartbreaking, meaning for every three children you pass on the street today - one will be going home without that all important feeling of knowing dad is there too. CFUF is bridging the gap and helping families to forge new bonds, better habits and lasting change.

Working in partnership with the community, child support initiatives and the most vulnerable residents in the city, CFUF is making a difference not just at home but abroad to make responsible fatherhood not just an issue but a priority that will not wait. It is the hope of the caring men and women who make the organization's work possible that together with the help of Baltimore and its friends... they can change the statistics that effect us all. Together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world and provide young children with the kind of terrific start that lasts a lifetime. Visit us here for more info.